Tools I Personally Use For My Online Marketing Business

Welcome to my resources page. Here you will find all the resource links required for your marketing. I suggest only the tools and services that I basically use for my own business. These tools will help you grow your business.

Note: These resources and tools are not required for everyone. Only those who really want to start an online business see this resource.

Domain And Hosting

Having a website of your own is a very important thing when it comes to working online. Many people ask what can be done with free domain hosting? If you really want to start an online business then you must have paid domain hosting.


If you want to blog and use WordPress sites then Bluehost is the best service for you. Here you will get a free domain with hosting. Their servers are very good and also a very good company in terms of support. If you want to start a blogging-based business like Amazon Affiliate, Affiliate Blogging, and any kind of blog then their services will be perfect for you.


If you are looking for the best domain and hosting services at a low cost then Namecheap is the perfect company for you. I use 90% of the domain and hosting services for my affiliate business from Namecheap.


If you want to buy a domain I will recommend you to buy from Godaddy. If you have your own hosting, you can buy your domain from Godaddy. I would recommend this company to you only to buy a domain. Because in the case of their domain there are many times good discount offers. If you buy a domain for 2 years at a time, you can buy it at a much lower cost.


I would recommend this company to you only in case of buying hosting. Because their hosting is really good. You can buy domains and them from here if you want. However, I have only used their hosting services. I never got their server down.

Email Marketing

Online business means email marketing. If you have a basic knowledge of online business such as affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, e-commerce business, etc., then I hope you know how important email marketing is.

Long time online business is not possible without email marketing. Therefore, if you have not taken any service for email marketing, then see the list below.


This company is providing the best service at the lowest cost. Here you will find email marketing as well as landing pages, business automation, webinars, and CRM systems. You can easily connect your GetResponse account with world-renowned companies through API. They initially have a 30-day trial account. If you like their service using this trial account, you can upgrade the account and use it later.

Other Resources Are Being Updated 6.

Many of the resources provided above are linked to our Affiliate / Company Associate link. If you have any information about the tools you can contact us, we will try to help you with the information.