34 Most profitable digital products ideas monetize your project

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One of the worst mistakes we may make when establishing a YouTube channel, or even if we’ve already created a more serious project, is concentrating all of our efforts on making revenue through AdSense.

Many channels (large and small) fail because they are reliant on YouTube, Google, the algorithm, and other factors.

The sort of content that can be published and, more importantly, what can be marketed on YouTube and other platforms is becoming increasingly restricted. The child-themed channels have witnessed the most recent big alteration. It is no longer possible to monetize certain videos.

So, what can be done to produce revenue and so continue to devote our time to what we enjoy doing the most?

Create your own, it’s that simple.

Listen to the most profitable digital products!

In this digital age, anyone may create a digital product that appeals to their target audience and allows them to earn money.

All you have to do is use your creativity and consider your audience’s demands and how you might meet them. This was the decision I took a few years back when I chose to build my first course. Since then, I’ve continued to create training materials to help those who are currently studying on the channel go to higher levels.

And it is because of this that I am now able to live the lifestyle I do.

What are Digital Products?

The digital product  is organized value content in digital format that is intended to assist, entertain, or educate. It’s even better if you can acquire all three things at once. It may be compensated or unpaid. They all have distinct missions.The payment service is more focused on monetization and billing. It also helps you to expand the business in a very appealing approach with solid automation and appropriate traffic. Using a Lead Magnet and list segmentation, a free resource is frequently used to capture leads. Its major benefit is that, regardless of how you want to utilize them, information goods are a critical component that will allow you to develop tremendously without having to raise your time commitment.

Most profitable digital products Ideas to sell online

If you take care of two things, you have a strong online shop and a solid product, selling digital items may be one of the most lucrative business enterprises. A product or service must be provided in an intangible format to be considered digital. The wonderful thing about digital items is that they have the same production cost whether they are sold once or 1000 times. 


Creating a digital product entails refining your information, organising it, and packaging it in a user-friendly and engaging way that solves a problem for your clients. Let’s look at some real-life infoproducts and most profitable digital products you may sell on your website.

Digital products in video – Category

1. Online courses


Because individuals are increasingly seeking for new ways to learn on the Internet, online training is rapidly expanding. And, while there may be people in your area or issue who know more than you, there will also be those who know less.And I’m confident that with the information you presently possess, you can greatly assist those individuals.A course is my favorite option since you only have to complete all of the work once, but customers can buy it from you indefinitely, making it a very scalable offering.

2. Travel guide

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are taking up the challenge of traveling. Tourism, learning about different cultures, digital nomadism, volunteering, and so on. One of the most useful resources for these folks is a comprehensive trip guide. We may also build it in digital format to avoid pollution and save money. You may display your favorite or most frequented locations, as well as activities, dining, and sleeping options.

      3. Stock Videos


Many organizations and internet enterprises require video footage for their marketing efforts and other content. And, just as there are picture banks where you can acquire the rights to photographs and use them, the same is true with video.If you are creative and can create films that are informative, appealing, and unique, you have a great chance of selling them on stock sites.

     4. Short Film Clips


You don’t need to enter contests to promote your short film. A short video may be used to make a variety of little digital items so that people can understand how they were made. Film Riot is an example of a channel that excels at this.They work hard to create merchandising and merchandise for their short films, which they sell on their website. Some of them feature courses or videos that incorporate director commentary. They’ve gotten a lot out of their initiatives since they know what their target audience wants and can give a lot of information this way.

     5. Films and documentaries


If you enjoy making these sorts of projects, you may earn money by selling them on platforms such as HBO, Netflix, television networks, or directly on your website.If you have a huge community, you may want to consider crowdfunding.

      6. Video LUTs 


LUTs are sometimes mistaken with video filters, although they are not the same thing. Cameras use a certain color profile when recording, which must be retouched later in post-production. LUTs are pre-defined color adjustments that we may apply to our videos to swiftly alter them. Although there are creative ones, I’m not a fan of utilizing them indefinitely because every recording setting is too varied to apply the same color grading.

      7. Animations


This is very useful for folks who are new to video, don’t have much experience, or don’t have a lot of time.Because they make editing work easier and more pleasant, animation templates are in high demand.You can perform the same thing with logos, video intros, and various effects.

Digital products in written- Category

      8. Ebooks


They’ve been in use for a few years and haven’t lost their effectiveness. They are still utilized in almost all internet companies today.The fact that they are digital books does not imply that they are less valuable or that you will learn less from them. There are some excellent ebooks out there, and if done correctly, you can make one that sells well and serves as a doorway to other items.

For instance, as part of another project, I wrote the book El Sendero de Rubén (see website), which is available in both audiobook and digital formats.It has been purchased by around 3,000 individuals, so I have no doubt that it is an intriguing product.

      9. Manuals 


May be produced in any industry or topic to assist solve highly particular problems or demands.

For instance, there are recipe manuals, photography manuals, design manuals, video game manuals, programming manuals, and so on.

      10. Templates for documents


This may be more effective in some industries than others.For example, in the digital marketing industry, companies frequently employ sales funnels. Different emails are sent in them that are not composed at random. Professional writing skills, particularly those used in sales (copywriting), are employed in many sorts of publications.It’s also typical to discover templates with pre-written content that you can simply alter and adapt.

This may be used to various industries.Making movie script templates, cover letters, and promotional videos, for example.It’s also a fascinating form of product, especially if the topic is one that your target audience is passionate about.

      11. Comics


It’s a less common format, but if your brand or project fits within the realm of anime and all things associated to comic art, it may be quite fascinating.And if you can draw well, that’s even better.

Rubius, who developed his own comics collection and sells them quite successfully on Amazon, is an excellent example.If comics aren’t your thing but you enjoy writing, consider essays, poetry, or short stories.

Digital products in audio- Category

      12. Sessions


This format is highly effective and is commonly utilized on a daily basis, whether it is meditation, relaxation, or hypnosis.My buddy Tom Woodfin, for example, creates some very intriguing CTB (Conscious Trance Breathing) sessions, which are conscious breathing sessions with rhythms and music. I’ve previously mentioned them on my El Sendero channel multiple times, and the reality is that they’re fantastic.You may also build courses that are only available in audio format.

Many individuals don’t have enough time to sit and view videos, so they prefer to learn by listening to audio while doing other things. It would be similar to applying the podcast format to premium material.

       13. Audiobooks


They are highly popular, and many people like to read in this manner. First, because of what I just said about the podcast format, which is becoming increasingly popular, and second, because you won’t be contributing to the deforestation of forests. The main disadvantage is that there are few solid technological options for selling audiobooks on your own website at the moment, therefore many individuals opt to sell them on major platforms. Another possibility is to include them in your own mobile app. However, if you’re strong at writing and storytelling, this may be a fantastic concept.

      14. Free music


As with images and movies, I’m sure you’re aware that thousands of people are searching for your work.However, there are a variety of platforms that sell songs and music in various styles that you may utilize in your videos. The fascinating aspect about stock is that you only make the product once, yet it can be purchased tens of thousands of times.

      15. Audio or Sound effects


Something that is extensively utilized in all types of videos, particularly by those in post-production. Effects are utilized all the time in the professional sector (and, of course, in the movie), not only at an amateur level.You may make loops, beats, and anything else you might think of to help other people with their projects.

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      16. Applications 


If you know how to code, you may provide a bespoke app development service or construct an app with a variety of themes.They are gradually becoming more important in digital enterprises, as they are highly handy for keeping in touch with subscribers and also for providing content.

The possibilities for applications are nearly endless. You may offer apps for food, sports, meditation, travel, money, and productivity on your website or through channels like Google Play or the Apple Store.

       17. Video games


This sector is massive and increasing, especially among the younger generation.Although it may be a more difficult product to develop, it may certainly be a highly fascinating choice if video games are linked.Although it may be a more difficult product to build, if you can integrate video games to what you do on your channel, it may certainly be a really fascinating choice.

        18. Plugins


They can be little browser addons that provide extremely useful functionality. You may build plugins that are linked to your theme and make life simpler for your community members.

For example, in the world of YouTube, we have the Tubebuddy extension, which is quite useful for learning about other producers’ videos, channels, and so on.They might, however, be website plugins.Many individuals (like myself) use WordPress to build their websites since it has a large variety of plugins.

         19.Templates for websites


They make things considerably easier for folks who wish to develop their own but lack the necessary skills or cannot afford to employ a designer at the moment.Any online project may be up and running in a couple of days with a gorgeous template that adapts to all sorts of devices and works nicely with Google.


       20. Prints from Photography


If you create your own virtual gallery with your images, you may sell them so that you have a mechanism in place to print and distribute each one that someone purchases.This might be done by hand (which would take a lengthy time) or by a computerized system.It’s not very popular, but many photographers do it, and it pays off handsomely for them because many people buy images as gifts, decorations, and so on.

       21. Lightroom presets and LUTs


As I previously stated for films, creating these kind of presets for editing photographs in Lightroom, Photoshop, or other editing tools in general may be really intriguing.

I am confident that it would be beneficial.

It would undoubtedly be of great interest to individuals who have little (or no) experience with picture retouching and would save a significant amount of time, as well as to all types of professional photographers who need to speed up their job.

       22. Stock Images


They have tremendous commercial potential. Many photographers utilize this business model to travel and tour the world while making a fortune selling their photographs (for example, although it can be totally normal and close in theme). However, you do not have to go to make money from it. There are many different sorts of stock pictures that you may make without leaving your home or traveling far. Or You may also use your holidays, vacations, or any other photography adventure to your benefit.

Graphics and design

      23. Templates


Logo templates, resumes, YouTube graphics, posters, flyers, and book covers are all available, just like text. All of this is commonly utilized by businesses who need to launch their websites or digital initiatives without spending too much money or losing too much time.These templates assist them in maintaining a minimal feasible quality.

       24. Infographics


They may be quite useful for summarizing and condensing any topic, as well as making presentations.

       25. Letters and Fonts


You may also build your own typefaces to give web pages and other text documents a unique look.

       26. Images for decoration


For those who enjoy decorating, interior design, and the like, this is an excellent alternative.

You may either offer only the photographs or the option of incorporating a frame. There are websites that specialize in it and sell a lot of it.




Services are less scalable than digital goods since they require constant attention, yet there may be projects that can only be completed in this manner or that are fit for it. Regardless, they’re a terrific alternative for getting recognized and building your brand.

So, here’s a quick rundown of the sorts of services you may provide:

  • Videography (create videos for companies or individuals).
  • Advice or consultancy.
  • Tutorials.
  • Individual or group mentoring (mastermind).
  • Face-to-face courses or through video call.
  • Corporate photography or events.
  • Video or photo editing for companies or individuals.
  • Individual or group therapies.
  • Coaching.
  • Writing, translation.
  • Marketing.
  • Branding.
  • Language classes.
  • Financial advice.

I could go on and on, but the list would never end. Basically, whatever you do on your channel might be transformed into a revenue-generating business.

Other ideas

        27. Plans


To be honest, we like how simple they make things for us. Instead of doing it ourselves, they provide us with a blueprint and a series of steps to follow. That is why the plans are so effective.

You might, for example, tailor nutrition regimens to each individual’s requirements. The theme of health is increasingly popular nowadays, and a healthy diet is widely respected.Continuing in the subject of health, training regimens might be created for persons who exercise at home as well as those who exercise at the gym.Many individuals desire to reduce weight or build muscle mass, and in order to do so, they must not simply follow a diet plan.

It’s connected to diet programs since many individuals desire to lose weight or develop muscle mass, which necessitates not just a decent diet but also a highly particular exercise schedule. You may even mix and match various programs.

Organizational plans are another sort of plan that is highly important. You can teach how to arrange your day-to-day activities, duties, and work if you are self-employed, or your staff if you own a business.

         28. Closed Forums


You may build this private environment with a monthly/quarterly/annual membership if you have a large and active audience, and offer exclusive material that is not available anywhere else.

Patreon is a well-known example, but you may also do it on your own website, without depending on third parties.

This sort of product is particularly successful since it has the largest turnover and profitability over time.

           29. Video game skins or mod


For instance, a buddy of mine creates automobiles for the Gran Turismo computer game, which may be easily sold.With the amount of games available nowadays, it may be extremely exciting to make tools, costumes, or other sorts of accessories and sell them precisely if you know how to design this type of item.

          30. Merchandising


Although I discussed it in relation to short films, the fact is that merchandising is a vast subject in and of itself, and should be studied as such.If your brand is robust and well-positioned, you’re in good shape.

         31. Newsletter Subscription


It’s the current version of the magazine subscriptions we used to have.

A digital magazine or newsletter is a terrific resource if you can provide excellent material via email. There is also the option of making a hardcopy newsletter. This is more difficult and expensive (and requires the felling of trees), thus it is not advised.

         32. Models printed in 3D


3D printers are widely used in a variety of sectors as well as at home. They have been a revolution, not just in terms of entertainment and the creation of helpful devices, but also in terms of saving lives in the medical field.As a result, you may develop various models of items, tools, or accessories to print directly in 3D.

        33. Game evaluation


Not just to study them, but also to assist in their resolution, uncover secrets, and even produce guides or checklists with helpful hints.

       34. Courses in comedy or clowning


Do you have a distinct personality? Do folks often tell you to laugh with them? Perhaps you have your own approach for generating amusing films that you would want to share with others. This is also growing popular, with several comedians now providing their formations to learn all of their secrets.This entire guide on more than 50 digital product ideas to commercialize your project comes to a close.

Which is best Digital product for you?

There are plenty of possibilities to locate the greatest match for you from all of these internet selling alternatives. Whether you want to make movies or write ebooks, current technological advancements have made selling digital things online easier than ever before. With our full-service SaaS ecommerce platform, FastSpring wants to help you achieve your goals. Not only will we assist you in getting started, but we’ll also be there to support you along the road so you can sell more, stay lean, and compete effectively for most profitable digital products ideas.

Conclusion: Obviously, there are many more alternatives, but it’s just a matter of thinking about what portion of the information your subscribers enjoy the most, or what is the most valuable. Consider how you could add even more value to that issue, and use what you’ve learned in this course to brainstorm ideas. You might also look at what others in your field are doing.

The crucial thing to remember is that for this to function, you’ll need a small community. It is quite difficult to build a product or service that is sold if, for example, you have 100 members and are still unsure about what your channel specializes in.

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