How to measure traffic to a Website: Best tools to know of your competition

How to measure traffic to a website? Do you want to know that…Okay!

When starting an Internet marketing campaign, the first step to take is knowing our competition, and the more we know about it, the better our campaign will be. We cannot have the web statistics of our competition because obviously, they are not going to provide them to us, but there are several free tools that will help us to know more about them to know how we should overcome them. These tools will also help us when advertising on a website, because that way we can know in advance if it will fit in with our campaign.

Free tools to analyze your competition’s web traffic

When you create a marketing campaign, do you include follow-up actions for your competition? Not doing it is a mistake. And, more, if the results it obtains are good. If something is successful, why not learn from it?

And, with objective data,

how do you know what works for your competitors?

Easy! Analyze your website traffic. 

Does the highest percentage of visits received by the website come from external links?

Does it come through social networks? Is it from an online ad?

Or is it driven by some search criteria?

All this is what you, as a company, are interested in knowing. Doing it is easier than you can imagine.

How to measure traffic to a website for free

There are all kinds of tools: free, paid… The data offered by the latter is more complete, perhaps too much. Let’s be practical. Here are four tools we recommend. They are all free, but they will provide you with enough data to assess which actions are the ones that report the most web traffic to your competitors.

Google AdPlaner- Web traffic measurement tools

To start with, we can use Google Display Planner, a fantastic tool that will give us quite detailed statistics about a given website, and can even filter by country.

In the following example, we analyze the website  (I will use the same example website for everything), and as you will see we will obtain estimated data on unique visitors, page views, average time spent on the website, percentage of men and women who visit, socio-economic level, age…

Alexa- Measure web traffic Tools

Alexa is one of the best-known services to know the traffic of a website, and every day it becomes more important. It offers us data such as percentages of users by country, terms for which they are well-positioned in search engines, socio-demographic data…

With these four web analytics tools you can already get a very good idea of ​​who your competition is, what they do, and how they do it, but don’t just stick to them, do a manual analysis not only of your competition’s web traffic but of their profiles on social networks, investigate their websites, by what terms they are positioning themselves if they invest in digital advertising, if they have a content marketing strategy… in short, try to analyze them as thoroughly as possible because it will be directly proportional to the advantage competitive it will give you.

SimilarWeb- Best Tools for measure web traffic

It is an excellent tool to measure the traffic of a website. All the information is presented to you in a complete report. It will reveal data such as the average duration of each visit, or the bounce rate that the website receives.

In addition, the Traffic Sources area shows you a graph with an estimate of the number of visits derived from each different source (direct, social, organic, referral, other). Attentive! This information will be very useful to you.

For example, if we want to know the estimated traffic of the website of the Orthodontic Clinic in Alicante Novasmile in Similar Web, simply putting its domain in the search box would allow us to know its statistics immediately and for free and even compare it with its competitors.

In URL Trends we will be able to consult, among others, statistics on how long the web has been online, incoming links, PageRank and Alexa history, demographic data, outgoing links, and social bookmarks. and we will also be able to download the report in PDF.

BizInformation – Must need for web analytics traffic 

The interesting thing about BizInformation is that in addition to giving you data such as social bookmarks, web recognition, and social metrics, it tells you how much the web is worth in economic terms. For example, in the case of wikihow, it tells us that its website is valued at 5.5 million dollars. Do you know how much your website is worth?

Why do I need to measure traffic on a website?

Understanding why users come to your site is vital when measuring website traffic. Visitors come to a website for a variety of reasons, and analyzing the correct traffic sources will help you assess how effective your site is.

The most common purpose for people to visit a website is to obtain information. You can figure out which themes are the most popular by analyzing the keywords that people use to locate your website. This data might help you focus your marketing efforts on the areas that your target audience is most interested in.

Conclusion of measure website traffic

You have already carried out the analysis of your competition. It is time to draw conclusions. What new channels do you need to incorporate into your marketing plan? What keywords will you include? Start now! Increasing your web traffic will be possible in a short time.

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