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Unlike many other topic reviews, I’m not going to try and make you purchase it by acting like it’s a silver bullet to all your problems. 

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Instead, I’ll help you figure out whether The best google ranking tools reviews are the right fit for you because  google ranking tools  only really work for a specific type of person which we’ll talk about later on. 

And, if you’re not this type of person, then it will probably not have an impact on your online business and will therefore not work for you.  

On the flip side, if you are the right type of person, The best SERP ranking tools  can help you grow more than probably any other software you have used before. 

Hey! I am Rakib Roky from Blog Zono dot com.  Let me tell you, how to find the best google ranking tools for starting a blog or affiliate marketing website? Details about google ranking tools whatever it is? Why it is needed and how it works? Which are practically researched.  Read things patiently and hopefully benefit confirm…. 

Looking for the best SEO tool that can track, monitor, and analyze your keyword rankings over time. Here is the list of some of the best google ranking tools discussed.  

When we search for something online, the search engine gives us a bunch of web pages as a result. They are nothing more than the pages that have the most suitable data or solutions for your queries. 

We call that page with the accumulation of relevant results a search engine results page (SERP). 

Every online publisher or blogger will aim to target the keyword or phrase that their target audience prefers to search the most. Therefore, bring your web pages to the SERPs frequently.  

 Also, only the web pages that are in the top three positions will have the most clicks and conversions. 

Therefore, it is obvious that any webmaster ranks first in search engines.  

 If you are targeting very few keywords (say 1 or 2), you can manually check the ranking of those keywords. 

That too, if it ranks in the top three positions, it’s easy to track. Otherwise, the position tracking in the SERP rankings will be overwhelming. 

What is Google ranking?

The Page Rank of google is a score that Google makes of each web page and that influences its positioning since it is one of the factors that configure the search engine’s algorithm.  

To establish this assessment, Google takes into account various factors such as:  

  •  Total page views  
  •  Quality  
  •  Content value  
  •  Update frequency  
  •  Design issues  
  •  Loading speed, etc.  
  •  But the factor with a greater weight in the Page Rank is the quantity and quality of the links received . 

Now the best google ranking tools come to the rescue 

However, to improve your SEO efforts, you need to pick the most potential keywords and manage them correctly. 

Only if you understand the power of the keywords you are targeting can you further optimize your pages. To achieve your ranking goals, you must know your current ranking positions. 

Considering the target keyword as “Albany’s best RCT specialist”, the image below shows the ranking positions of different domains. 

For now, I have used the free Google SERP Counter Chrome extension. 

Therefore, the numbering appears as # 1 or # 5, which allows us to know the ranking position with respect to the target keyword. This is kind of a manual SERP rank check. 

But think about the sites that rank for thousands and millions of keywords. Only SERP keyword-checking tools can help you. 

What exactly should the Best Google Ranking Tool do? 

Most of the SERP position check tools can identify or track only the ranking position of your website compared to the target keywords. Do you think this is the only purpose? 

Not so. It works where online marketing wasn’t that popular with people in the early days. Simply tracking or monitoring your ranking performance and optimizing the web pages was more than enough. 

Now, that is not the case. There are many competitors out there. Strategic focus is the key to success. So your SERP position checker shouldn’t track your ranking alone. 

But you also need to be able to get the top 100 results that rank for the specific target keyword. 

Basically, your competitors are there. You can analyze your competitor’s activities in case of any improvement or decrease in your ranking positions. 

Why do you need a keyword rank checker? 

In addition to tracking keyword positions, a rank checker will also help you discover new keyword opportunities. 

You see, bloggers need to find long-tail keywords that have traffic potential but aren’t saturated with competitors yet. That should give them a better chance of getting high rankings. 

Using a Google Ranking Checker takes most of the guesswork out of identifying organic keywords that you are already ranking for. 

For example, suppose you are already in position 12 for the keyword “best grammar checker”. 

Can the best free SERP tracker work better? 

Obviously, the free SERP SERP verification tools can also track your ranking against the target keywords. But, free stuff will always have limitations. It may just be a follow-up. 

You cannot control your ranking performance, tracking history, ranking result comparison, automatic scheduling, bulk ranking tracking, etc. 

In such cases, you will have to go for premium tools. Even some of the paid SERP tracking tools don’t have enough features. 

So, please list your range tracking needs and check out the tools below to pick the best one. 

We are going to dive into the most popular and powerful best SERP tracking tools that you must try. 

How to choose the best SERP verification tool? 

Of the website’s hundreds of SERP verification tools, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Depending on some aspects, you may find it easy to select the perfect keyword verification tool. 

  • How fast and accurate is the SERP position check tool? 
  • Limitation on the number of keywords or checks you can perform using the best free SERP checker? 
  • Is it a bulk SERP rank check online tool? How many keywords can you feed per check? 
  • Can the tool track geospecific classification? 
  • Does it work with most of the popular search engines? Or is it specific like Google’s SERP verification tool 
  • Are you also able to verify your mobile ranking? 
  • Additional features such as displaying the top 100 results for a keyword, scheduling checks, comparing historical data, graphing over time, etc. 

However, ranking is not the only factor in determining your success rate. But, the site ranking also has a huge impact on your online success, such as click-through and conversion rates. 

You do not have another option. You will have to use the best free or premium SERP tracking tools (for more checks and features) to track or monitor your and the competition’s ranking capabilities. 

Top 10 Google ranking tools

Looking for the best free online SERP checker? Do you want to track your ranking on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc.? 

Looking for SERP tracking tools that allow you to set a specific location? Anything, we’ve got you covered. 

1.Ahrefs- Best SERP Tracker 

Ahrefs, the premium SEO tool that can provide you with strategic solutions for your SEO efforts. The tool has an incredibly huge database of keywords and backlinks. 

This tool can allow you to track your Google rankings on both desktop and mobile devices in hundreds of countries. 

You will get visual presentations on the history of visibility, average positions, and distribution of traffic and positions over time . 

Ahrefs not only tracks the results of the text but also allows you to know its classification based on different types of data . 

Includes links to sites, featured snippets, images, questioners, thumbnails, knowledge cards, etc. 

Ahrefs Rank Tracker charts rank data against 5 of its competitors and tell you about search traffic, ranking progress, and SERP features. 

Ahrefs Rank Tracker Features and Highlights 

  • Historical ranking data for specific target keywords 
  • Schedule and receive email reports on ranking results 
  • Reports on SERP features to find out what was missed that affects ranking 
  • Get top 100 results compared to rank check for any specific target keyword 
  • Keyword grouping and tracking options 


2. SEMrush – Best SERP Tracker 

Like its other SEO modules, the SEMRush position tracking tool is also beginner-friendly. But it comes with expert tracking options. 

Therefore, it is a favorite SEO tool for any level of experience. 

SEMRush position tracking allows you to set up tracking even for a specific city or region using a zip code. 

In addition, it works with the most popular search engines and allows you to keep track of ranking results on various devices . Includes desktop, mobiles, tablets, etc. 

You can set alerts to get notifications when your ranking position decreases or increases or anything. 

SEMRush’s rank tracker is one of the few best SERP crawling tools that get the top 100 results against a particular target keyword. 

The ranking results will be updated every day. In fact, the tool verifies and reports the ranking results, whether organic or paid. 

Being a prominent SEO tool, it displays a personal score to indicate the volatility of Google or the market trend of your specific target keyword. 

Let’s explore its additional features and highlights as the best SERP position check tool. 

SEMRush position tracking tool features 

  • Fresh and updated data every day to understand the impact of your SEO inputs 
  • Most appropriate ranking tracking for any specific region of the world 
  • Schedule keyword ranking checks and set alerts for any changes 
  • Compare your ranking performance and your competition’s for analysis 
  • Track keyword rankings to understand how your page is performing on multiple devices 
  • Tag keywords to manage your ranked keywords 


03.Moz- Best SERP Tracker 

I have to admit that Moz is quite an intense experience first time. It’s not that the SEO tool is confusing to use or poorly designed, it’s just that there is a lot of information about your keyword rankings. So when you need a comprehensive Google keyword ranking tool for your website and you’re prepared for the flood of data that comes with it, Moz is there for you. 

Once you’re inside Moz, make sure to focus on the Range Tracker part of the tool. There’s a lot you can do with Moz, but what we’re talking about right now, Rank Tracker is all you need. 

With the range tracker, you can: 

  • Integrate with Google Analytics. 
  • Choose from a variety of search engines, including Google Mobile. 
  • Choose your country and preferred language. 
  • Select keywords from a list Moz has already obtained for your domain. 
  • Add local keywords to narrow the focus. 
  • Submit competitors’ websites for parallel analysis. 

One of the tools you will definitely want to use is the Tracked Keywords Summary. 

It’s great when you want to know how many ranking keywords you have on your site, what pages they are found on, and how they stack up in the results. 

This will be particularly useful if you have special sorting needs. In other words, let’s say your site publishes video tutorials. It would be great if the website showed up in Google video searches, right?

Or maybe your site is for a local business and you want an associated knowledge card to appear when someone searches for it.

SERP characteristics will tell you where your site appears in the search and how it ranks there. 

I also like the “Analyze a keyword” tool. 

You can choose any of your preset keywords and receive an analysis of your site’s performance against it.

If you scroll down the page, you will also see what other websites rank for this keyword.

If you’re not in the first place, reviewing these competitor sites can give you some ideas on how to improve your site’s ranking. 


4. LongTailPro- Best SERP Tracker 

We are all familiar with LongTailPro as a powerful keyword research and analysis tool. 

Surprisingly, their rank tracking tool can help you track the SERP position towards your target keywords. While using its built-in SERP keyword checker, you can categorize your checks and research on individual projects . 

Just enter the domain URL and various keywords that you want to track rankings with. 

The current version of LTP allows you to choose from three search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Hopefully, the team will update the tool with more search engines to crawl. 

You will land on a scoreboard, which is simple and accurate. The tool gets current rankings as well as history, including the last month of yesterday and last year. 

Also, you can see when the ranking was updated and the next update will be. 

The tool can also highlight the highest-ranking pages in a graphical representation. 

You can run a deeper analysis of your daily performance and download it for a more detailed analysis. 

You can add a note like ‘high priority’ or ‘keep monitoring for a possible ranking dance’ to the crawled keywords. Similarly, the LongTailPro Rank Tracker tool has abundant features to inspire you. 

LongTailPro Rank Tracker Features and Highlights 

  • Sorted dashboard with rank tracking results 
  • Allows you to track two domains to track multiple keywords, in one month 
  • Reports with unique data such as the next ranking update, last year’s ranking position, etc. 
  • Intuitive charts and graphs for more detailed understanding and analysis 
  • Options to manage or download your crawled keywords for later reference 


5. Serpstat – Best SERP Tracker 

Serpstat is not a heavy tool SEOs would rather use than SEMRush, Ahrefs, or SEO PowerSuite. Still, it can meet the expectations and needs of any SEO professional. 

Serpstat was popular with its keyword research and competitor analysis, then went viral among online publishers as a complete suite for SEO. 

If you are new to Serpstat, I want to help you with its unusual features where you could make mistakes. 

To surprise you, Serpstat allows you to track even up to 500 competitors towards your specific target keyword without spending additional resource limits. 

Without knowing it, you may be creating individual projects for each one. In short, the tool not only tracks your SERP position but also shows the top 100 results. 

The tool also allows you to include a label for each change you make after analyzing the classification results. For example, edit the meta title, optimize the meta description, etc. 

So you can monitor and check how the change improves your position in the ranking. In fact, it allows you to compare current data with historical ranking results . 

Similarly, Serpstat, which is a constantly growing SEO tool, has extensive features. 

Serpstat Features and Highlights 

  • Group and assign keywords for strategic keyword tracking 
  • Option to categorize specific keywords to further optimize 
  • Information on the distribution of traffic between domains 
  • It allows you to know the fluctuations in the market share of a category of keywords. 
  • Configure landing pages for a specific keyword to drive targeted traffic 
  • Phrase storm function to check how the positions of the resulting top 100 domains 


6. AccuRanker – Best SERP Tracker 

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs are complete tools if you really want to commit to SEO. 

But if you want a pure keyword ranking tracker, you have to give AccuRanker a try. 

The idea is to connect your domain, enter the rest of the necessary details, and then add the keywords that you want to track. You can manually add your keywords, view keyword suggestions, or import keywords via CSV file. 

If you use Google Search Console, you can also link your account to automatically extract your keyword data. 

Luckily for you, you only need to set up your domain once. 

To monitor your keyword rankings, click on ’Domains’ in the main menu and choose your blog. Then you need to switch to the ’Keywords’ tab to see the crawled keywords. 

7. MonsterInsights- Best SERP Tracker 

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It allows you to easily configure Google Analytics in WordPress and see the data you need directly in your WordPress dashboard. 

MonsterInsights helps you monitor keyword ranking within the WordPress admin area. You can view the Search Console report to see the top 50 Google search terms for your site and where it ranks for them. 

It will also show the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and the average position for each keyword. This helps you optimize your website and improve ranking.

For example, you can find content that ranks 11th or 12th, you can optimize those articles to bring them to the first page. 

Note: You will need to connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics to unlock these reports in MonsterInsights. 

Pricing: The MonsterInsights Search Console report is available on their Plus plan, which costs $ 99.50 per year. 

8. SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker – Best SERP Tracker 

Rank Tracker is an advanced SERP position tracking tool from Link-Assistant. The tool allows you to integrate Google Adwords and Google Analytics to obtain the most important keyword data. By the way, you can also enter multiple keywords for verification.

 If you are looking for a bulk SERP rank checker, go for it. 

Then you can decide which search engines you want to rank high on. SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker lets you choose from 570 search engines . 

For example, if your target is China, you will have to rank first in the Baidu search engine. Obviously, you have to monitor your ranking there. 

By default, the tool can get accurate geographic classifications wherever you are. If you want to track another particular location, please specify your destination location. 

You can even feed zip codes to find more appropriate results. 

The best part is that you can group keywords and assign them to any specific landing page on your domain. In such a case, if any of your irrelevant or incorrect pages rank for those particular keywords, you will receive notifications. 

Above all else, Rank Tracker isn’t just for tracking your test results. But also, the tool can track your site’s ranking position in different search result verticals . 

Include images, videos featured snippets, etc. You can also say it as a SERP snippet checker. 

With these few samples, I guess you can trust SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker to be a complete SERP rank tracking tool. Yes, of course. Let me highlight some of its other amazing features below. 

SEO PowerSuite Link Wizard Features 

  • Allows you to keep track of the rankings of the main competitors 
  • Along with desktop positions, you can also track your mobile ranking 
  • Preferences to get the 100 best results or even the 50 best or even the 20 
  • Look for security settings like proxy rotation, human emulation to avoid IP blocking, or reCaptcha 
  • Schedule your range checks, set custom date to track, etc. 
  • Record and compare results with historical data 
  • Custom dashboard to include or exclude all parameters from your results 
  • It integrates with 19 keyword tools to get the most potential keywords to help you prioritize them. 


9. SE Ranking – Best SERP Tracker 

SE Ranking is another great tool to monitor SERPs for your business. It’s very easy to use and helps you keep your SEO strategy on track. 

With its Keyword Rank Tracker feature, you can monitor your website’s search terms on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube.

SE Ranking also allows you to track keywords based on geographic locations and devices. 

To get started, you can use the SE Ranking wizard by entering your site URL, adding the keywords you want to track, and specifying the search engine and country. 

You can even add up to 5 competitors to track and connect the tool to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. 

When you’ve added your website and keywords, you can use the SE Ranking dashboard to monitor rankings, view historical data, track competitors, and much more. 

In addition to tracking your search terms, you can use SE Ranking to analyze your traffic, measure SEO potential, create a real-time marketing plan, conduct website audits, monitor backlinks, and more. 

Pricing: SE Rankings pricing starts from $ 31 per month for tracking 250 keywords. 


10. SEOprofiler– Best SERP Tracker 

SEOprofiler is one of the most organized and robust SEO tools that you can use to check Google keyword rankings. With each domain you configure, you will be asked to filter through a series of settings: 

  • Search date range 
  • Search engine preference 
  • Language and country 
  • City (if you want to get local search rankings) 
  • Keywords 
  • More specific search types such as video, image, AMP ranking, local, etc. 

The results you get from SEOprofiler are fantastic: they are easy to understand and include all the information you might need about your keyword ranking. This includes: 

Keyword specific information related to the number of searches, the difficulty of the keyword, your current ranking, where your site appears in search (i.e. video, news, etc.), and where your competitor is located. 

You can also see how each page on your site is doing in terms of search ranking.

This will tell you how many keywords the search engines rank the page for and how much competition there is for them. 

SEOprofiler also has a Ranking Opportunities tool available. So let’s say you agree with your keyword ranking, but feel like you could do better. 

SEOprofiler can give you suggestions for relevant search terms that could take you to the top of the results if you optimize your site properly. 


Final Word: Best Google Ranking Tools 

As said, SERP crawler is not just for checking or tracking your keyword rankings for your target keywords. It must be offering a strategic outlet to analyze and experiment with the data obtained. 

The best google ranking tools should get the ranking performance of your competitors, on multiple search engines, ranking on different devices, and even more. 

To get started or track just limited URLs or keywords, go with the best free SERP tracking tools. 

In case you wanted to examine your ranking and that of your competitors for strategic analysis, then your keyword tracking tool must be extraordinary. 

The tool should be smart enough to get valid data that can help you optimize your SEO and improve SERP google ranking. 

Being a long-time SEO PowerSuite user, I want you to try it first hand. It can offer you all the functionalities you expect from a perfect and strategic SERP tracking tool. 

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