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gobrunch reviews
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Get Creative and Collaborate with GoBrunch, the Ultimate Virtual Office and Community Platform for Creators and Startups.

Are you trying to find an engaging online meeting space?


In this article, it's about a GoBranch review for you...

With its cutting-edge functionality and intuitive UI, GoBrunch provides a flexible solution. It supports a variety of collaboration requirements with its smooth integration of interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and video conferencing.

The lounge is a unique online networking space that encourages meaningful conversations similar to live events. Presentations seem more polished when they include customizable branding choices.

GoBrunch is a popular option for companies and educators looking to improve their online meetings and events because of its strong capabilities and user-friendly design.

What is GoBrunch?

GoBrunch is a cutting-edge online meeting tool made to simplify online collaboration for professionals, corporations, and schools. Fundamentally, GoBrunch offers an extensive feature set that makes it easier for people to engage and communicate effectively in virtual settings. 

gobrunch reviews

Users may participate in real-time conversations, presentations, and cooperative work sessions with ease because to the seamless integration of interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and video conferencing.

One of GoBrunch's most notable features is its virtual networking lounge, which imitates the socializing and networking atmosphere of actual events and encourages deep friendships and engagements between users.

Furthermore, GoBrunch provides customisable branding choices so that customers may customize their virtual meeting rooms to represent the professionalism and character of their firm.

GoBrunch offers an easy platform that puts the user experience first, with the goal of enhancing productivity and engagement whether holding online seminars, virtual classes, or business meetings.

GoBrunch is regarded as a leading option for those looking for innovative and effective solutions for their online collaboration requirements because of its user-friendly design and strong functionality.

Who is for ?

Businesses, schools, and professionals looking for a flexible virtual meeting platform should check out GoBrunch. Corporate meetings, virtual classrooms, workshops, and networking events are just a few of the many uses it may accommodate. Its characteristics are useful for business teams in remote communication, client meetings, and presentations. 

gobrunch reviews

Virtual classrooms and interactive classes are two ways that teachers may keep students interested. GoBrunch may be used by professionals for networking events, seminars, and webinars. GoBrunch is a useful tool for anybody trying to improve their online communication and collaboration experiences because of its user-friendly design and wide range of functions.

How Does Gobrunch Work?

With branding possibilities, you may personalize your meeting area. To get discounted access, keep an eye out for AppSumo discounts. Give the platform your thoughts to make it better:


  1. Sign up: To begin, log on to the GoBrunch website.
  2. Schedule meetings: Make use of the scheduling option to plan your online gatherings or events in advance.
  3. Send out invites: Provide email invitations to guests along with information about the meeting and links for access.
  4. Join meetings: At the appointed time, participants may effortlessly join meetings by clicking on the given link.
  5. Have conversations: To help with presentations and discussions, make use of interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and video conferencing.
gobrunch reviews
gobrunch reviews


6. Network in the lounge: Make the most of the online networking lounge to establish important connections with other attendees.

7. Customize branding: Use branding choices that you may modify to make your virtual meeting area unique and represent your company.

8. Take advantage of AppSumo discounts: To access GoBrunch services at a reduced price, keep a look out for AppSumo lifetime specials.

9. Offer feedback: To make the site better for users in the future, share your experience and offer your thoughts.

10. Access recordings: You can share or refer to previous meeting recordings with anyone who were unable to attend in person.

gobrunch reviews

Gobrunch Review | Best video collaboration platform

When We first visited GoBrunch, We were captivated by the user-friendly interface of the virtual rooms and the customized avatars. We still find it interesting and participatory to play about with reactions and seat arrangements during different parts of sessions. We've found it fun to start conversations and express my emotions throughout talks by using these tools.

We've had nothing but excellent feedback from offering free masterclasses with GoBrunch as part of my company plan. As a matter of fact, instead of complaints, We are frequently contacted by participants who express thanks for finding the platform. They frequently ask questions regarding its use and sometimes they talk about their own experiences using GoBrunch for their companies.

Anyway, Since Go Brunch's design is so warm and inviting, it facilitates the development of relationships with leads, prospects, and coworkers. Offering specialized solutions aids in the development of our own brand. Not needing to install any software to use is the second thing I enjoy best. Working with clients that are spread out across different regions and have limited resources might really benefit from this.

“GoBrunch is the Best Virtual Office and Community Platform for Creators and Startups. Get Creative and Work Together”

GoBrunch is to capture the beauty of in-the-moment relationships in the virtual world. We think you should be able to enjoy the happiness of receiving aid instantly from someone who is virtually sat next to you, rather than being confined to the limitations of delayed messaging.

Gobrunch Features

GoBrunch provides a number of tools to improve online communication and teamwork. Among these characteristics are:

  •  No time limit and no download Launch GoBrunch immediately out of the box. You are able to extend the duration of your virtual spaces!
  • Multiple Rooms: Design unique areas with coffee bars, breakout rooms, private conference rooms, or whatever else you require!
  • Personalization and branding: Give it your own touch! Add your website, embeddable components, brand colors, and logo to make virtual rooms uniquely yours.
  • On-demand Video Player: Exchange recorded films for asynchronous viewing within virtual rooms.
  • One-Stop Shop: GoBrunch takes care of everything! You are free to use your rooms for coworking, meetings, webinars, courses, events, and more.
  • Cloud Recording: You may conveniently store your recordings on the cloud. With only one click, share those incredible memories.
  • Multiple Screen Sharing: Work together effortlessly when several people share screens at once.
  • Broadcast to All Rooms: Convey media and announcements simultaneously to several rooms.

Gobrunch pricing

GoBrunch sometimes provides lifetime discounts and specials via AppSumo and other platforms, giving customers the chance to access premium features at a one-time discounted price without having to pay ongoing membership costs.

One-time purchase of

$79 $870

  • All features above included
  • 200 participants per live webinar
  • 40 GB video storage
  • 8 organizers per session
  • 2 GB storage for presentations and documents
  • 15 breakout rooms per event
  • presenter cams

One-time purchase of


  • All features above included
  • 400 participants per live webinar
  • 80 GB video storage
  • 5 GB storage for presentations and documents
  • 35 breakout rooms per event
  • 10 presenter cams
  • 35 sub-accounts
  • 1 custom subdomain(s)
  • Attendance report

One-time purchase of


  • All features above included
  • 600 participants per live webinar
  • 35 breakout rooms per event
  • 120 GB video storage
  • Unlimited organizers per session
  • 50 breakout rooms per event
  • 10 presenter cams
  • 50 sub-accounts
  • 7 custom subdomain(s)
  • Attendance report

terms & conditions: goBrunch lifetime deal

GoBrunch periodically provides lifetime discounts through AppSumo, according to my most recent update. These lifetime agreements may have different terms and conditions, but usually include:

Lifetime Access: GoBrunch lifetime deal buyers get unrestricted lifetime use to some services without having to pay ongoing membership costs.

Features: Compared to standard subscription plans, lifetime offers may have less features or capacity. Examining the features that are provided and any restrictions is crucial before making a purchase.

Non-transferable: Lifetime discounts are usually non-transferable and may only be redeemed by the buyer or the account they have selected.

Redemption Period: After making a purchase, buyers may need to activate their lifetime offer within this time frame.

Refund Policy: Depending on the platform where lifetime offers are purchased, different refund policies may apply. Examining the return policy is crucial prior to making a purchase.

Updates and Support: For a limited time, lifetime agreements may include updates and support. The frequency of updates and degree of support, however, might not be the same as with standard subscription plans.

Conditions Subject to Change: GoBrunch has the right, at any time, to change the terms and conditions of lifetime offers.

GoBrunch Review- pros and Cons

Write a brief conclusion and summary of the points in the product of GoBrunch review here. Keep in mind that many readers are just skimming, so it's good to repeat the most important points in this section. This is also where you can make a strong and clear recommendation for the product.


  • Adaptable Elements
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Lounge for Virtual Networking
  • Personalized Branding
  •  AppSumo Lifetime Offers
  • Restricted Scalability
  • Occasional Glitches
  • Learning Curve



GoBrunch is a perfect fit for building spaces for communities and virtual offices. Inside of it, you can have a wide range of options, such as meetings, webinars, events, workshops, showcases with live and on-demand content, making it a hub for all your interactive needs.


1. GoBrunch is more immersive and less tiring than any conventional video conferencing and messaging tools. You will feel that you are inside a real environment. Your space can be open 24/7 for your team or community members and you don’t need to be there.

2. You can add asynchronous content for your audience to interact with, such as courses and on-demand video.

3. You can customize and brand your rooms to be in sync with your identity.


The maximum number of people in our highest plan is 600 per room. The free version starts with 6.


Nope! No installations, no hassle. GoBrunch is all about convenience. Just fire up your web browser, head to GoBrunch.com, and dive into the virtual world without any downloads or or either sign-ups for your members.


GoBrunch has a free version that gives you the essentials with no time limit. If you're looking for more customization, more limits and extra features, we offer premium plans to level up your virtual experience.

Finaly, We hope, you have read our GoBrunch review and explain. Our entire impression of GoBrunch is one of pure joy because it is both expert and user-friendly, and it is really assisting our business. My entire impression of GoBrunch is one of pure joy because it is both expert and user-friendly, and it is really assisting our business.

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gobrunch reviews

Make your online meetings with GoBranch

With extensive admin controls over cameras, microphones, and displays, you may host several virtual rooms and meetings.